At our core, we invest in purpose-driven companies that make a positive impact on people’s lives and produce and create innovative and disruptive content.

We go beyond just providing capital

We roll up our sleeves and invest our sweat equity.

We work closely with each founder to drive business growth and unlock new opportunities.

Our portfolio primarily features companies in the health, wellness, and fashion industries, reflecting our commitment to investing in what matters most to people.

We focus on three pillars:

Brand Strategy
Content Creation
Strategic Investment
Meet Oliver

The multi-talented actor, investor, and activist behind Ollywood Media.

He’s produced impactful campaigns for renowned brands like John Varvatos, Allsaints, and Buscemi.

But Oliver’s passions don’t stop there – he’s also a co-founder of Caliwater with his close friend Vanessa Hudgens, and has made major investments in companies like DOGPOUND, Vital Red Light, Elavi, Vitabowl, Next Health, Artha, Mobot, and Know Beauty.

Oliver’s commitment to making a difference is at the heart of everything he does, from his successful acting career to his work as a dedicated investor and activist.”